17 December

Tears for the Dead

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In the wake of the massacre in Pakistan, the murder of 150 women outside Fallujah and all the other uniquely special humans who have lost their lives in violence, hate and fear, I find myself tempted toward feelings of powerlessness and despair. It brought me back to something I wrote in another of these tragic […]

1 April

Cosmic April Fool’s Pranks…

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A few words about my current digs and cosmic April Fool’s pranks… Still Life in Grottyshire Next time around I will live by water, and not some little bourgeois town the burgh in a Hesse novel, bark mulch capital of the world. Not like Grottyshire, my bohemian island, surrounded by pious faces sweeping gravel from […]

14 January

Only 2 weeks into 2013 and I’m already Behind the Eight Ball…

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Ok…so what’s been going on. Well there were some rejections (aren’t there always?). But this time at least one of them was the good sort. And yes, there are “good sort” of rejections. They’re the ones when you learn that your novel is terrific but not quite right for the agent, publisher etc… in question.  […]

22 December

Keeping it Simple and Losing Some of the Beautiful Bits

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I’m a few weeks behind in posting, but just in case one of my 2.3 readers missed it, one of my very favorite pieces “Keeping it Simple” was published on December 21 2012 at The Blue Hour. Many thanks to the editors, not only for choosing this piece, but also for running it on the […]