April 2015

Winter and I have always had a sketchy relationship, but this year I ‘m pretty sure I’d like the cold to just move along. And I guess that sort of sums up the “about me” section. I’ve reached a point in my forty-some years where I’ve finally decided to embrace my real truths. Bitter and gray sucks. Mustard will never be something I want on my ham sandwich. I love my cats, even though they think my kitchen counters are sleeping platforms. Writing is something I do because the words need to get out.

So, when no words are overflowing, I tend not to write much…or even at all.

At least that’s been the way things have worked the last few years. I can make plenty of reasonable excuses. My life has been something resembling a roller coaster ride gone horribly, but very amusingly, wrong crossed with the boring reality of spending life as a soccer-mom-chauffeur. In other words, it’s a lot like everyone else’s–with plenty of stress, joy and tedium.

Each time I rewrite the about me section, I vow to return to work on a novel or eight. But the truth is, I finished my last novel about 6 years ago now.  That one took 2 years to write. The one before that drug on for nearly 4. So basically, I completed 2 books (while chasing, feeding, and home educating 3 boys between the ages of 0-12) in the same time it’s taken me to NOT  write my third novel. Chances for a new novel anytime this decade are not looking good…but then, I kinda like long-shots.

In the meantime, I continue to turn this or that the odd phrase into a little flash piece, poem-thingy or even the occasional genuine short-story. My first collection of work–Honest Lies & Imaginary Truths— is available for purchase at Amazon! (I can always use the support!)

If you came here looking for more “specific” sorts of info about who I am and what I do, maybe this will do the trick:

  • I love the color green, cats, cheesecake, and Maynard wine gums.
  • With unlimited resources, I’d divide my time between Wales, Scotland, and Central PA; with occasional stops in Southern France and Norway.
  • My favorite book, at this moment, is Their Eyes Were Watching God (but it changes).
  • The soundtrack of my current life is made up of Ani diFranco, Lamb, Ben Howard, and lots of fluffy pop and dance tunes.
  • My household is comprised of me, the three coolest sons in the world, their snowboarding-yogi-reluctant-artist father, way too many cats, one monster sized beasty–a Bernese pup named Rosmerta and her partner in trouble–Igraine, the baby Doberman.
  • When I’m not writing or mom-ing, I can be found baking or being a shaman in the Maker tradition.
  • I’m a sucker for edgy, intense,  complicated, blond men (yep the ones who behave like cats); especially if they have a knack for goofy, and silvery stubble.